Avid Pro tools HDx 

Ableton Live
IZotope RX  Advanced restoration 
Plugins by  Soundtoys, Abbey road, Melodyne, Altiverb, Massey, Slate digital, Fabfilter
Native instruments .....
Euphonix MC mix and MC control surfaces.
Geithain RL901k, Avantone and ProAc.
Cabling by Mogami and Van Damme


We value the surgical precision of modern digital equipment and the creative tonal shaping properties of vintage analogue gear.

This is reflected in the inventory.


Summit audio DCL 200 stereo valve compressor 
 Empirical labs distressors with brit mod     x2
Purple audio MC77
Standard audio Level-or
EMT vintage limiter
FMR RNC stereo compressor

API 550a              x2
API 560                x2
Neve 34218 3-band Vintage Eqs   x8
Chandler LTD -1   x2
Mutronics mutator analogue filter system.

Roland RE-501 Space echo
Ensoniq DP 4
Digitech  quad
Dolby 361          x2
Stompboxes by Fulltone, Electro Harmonix, Boss, Akai, Digitech, Hot Cakes..... etc
Peterson strobe tuner

Mic Pres
late 70's 8-channel Neve 34128 sidecar   (8)
Chandler LTD-1                                       (2)
Early 70's Telefunken V672                     (4)
Focusrite ISA 428                                     (4)
Broadhurst gardens BG-1                        (2)
Universal audio DCS remote mic pre     (2)
Folcrom 16-channel analogue summing mixer
Studer   A810 2-track tape machine


Neumann U87a
DPA 4060   x2
Coles STC 4038  x2
Royer R-121
AKG 414 EB with C-12 capsule  x2
Shure  SM7b
Audio Technica 4050
Audio Technica 4033
AKG d12
AKG D112
AKG 451EB   x4
Beyerdynamic MD-201
Beyerdynamic M-88
Sennheiser MKH-60 Short shotgun mic
Sennheiser  MD 421   x2
Sennheiser  MD 441
Shure SM-57 x4
Shure SM-58
Electro-voice 665 Johnny Cash mic
Altec  633a salt-shaker  x2
GEC Reslo ribbon
Shure SM-98 bug mics  x4
Rode NT1





Analogue outboard


The studio is based around a Pro Tools HDX system with Euphonix control surfaces.

A fully searchable sound-fx library with thousands of leading library sounds in addition to many custom fx created by us



The Studio is air-conditioned and acoustically treated, ensuring a comfortable and accurate listening environment.

The studio has a nice spacious feeling, with it's 280sq ft control room and 180 sq ft VO booth.

We can layback to master tapes in a variety of formats, including Digi-beta, HDcam and HDcam SR

We have access to full on-site canteen facilities and ample client relaxation areas with hi-speed wi-fi